Featured Project: 
Five Star Interviews

This five micro-lesson module was designed and developed to help undergraduate students successfully apply first-person interviewing techniques. Each micro-lesson includes an interactive concept review, followed by an immersive branching scenario to practice applying interview skills in a real-world, low-risk online environment.

Audience: Undergraduate students at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Responsibilities: Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews, Literature Review, Needs Analysis, Persona Creation, Instructional Design (Incorporating Adult Learning Theory), Visual Design, Mockups, Storyboarding, eLearning Development, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Communication of Findings via Extensive Research Report.

Tools Used: Articulate 360 Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Canvas LMS, Miro, Google Docs, Google Forms.  

KPIs: 1. Self-reported increase in student confidence levels to peak (4-5 on the Likert Scale) 2. Increase in demonstrated mastery of interview techniques as measured by pre and post course quizzes.

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